This weekend I went to the province of Kampot and spent an afternoon with the Girl Guides of Cambodia (a twenty-year-old organization that has been led locally in this village for many years). 

I love how this organization is motivated to keeping young girls in school and helping them find leadership roles within their home, school and community. It brings a smile to my face to see talented female leaders playing a powerful role in their communities, helping educate, empower and cultivate confidence with these young ladies.

The reality is, that the majority of these girls will never even leave their town, and only get up to a grade 9 education. Most are expected to contribute to their households, get married and hold their family unit together.  The average Cambodian makes about $100 a month.

One thing I find particularly disheartening is the massive issue with sex trafficking of young and vulnerable women in this country. There is a very moving documentary on Netflix about this subject called "Finding Home" — check it out if you get the chance. 

This weekend served as a friendly reminder as to WHY I do, what I do, at the CORE.

Nothing fills my heart more than mentoring, motivating and supporting women to unapologetically pursue their interests, to honour their dreams, to value their gifts and to help them see, that they are deserving and WORTHY.

>> WORTHY of her dreams
>> WORTHY of being in a loving and healthy relationship
>> WORTHY of great friendships
>> WORTHY of being heard
>> WORTHY of trying something new
>> WORTHY of making an impact

So, how do we help cultivate worthiness and confidence with our young ladies!?

Here's the thing — IT STARTS WITH US. It's starts with YOU, it starts with ME.

My question is, do you feel worthy?
Because when WE feel worthy, we have more strength, more courage, more determination and more power to say NO to the things that don’t serve us. We act from a place of personal love, respect and power, rather than fear.

And when we shine our light, when we blaze down our paths, we unknowingly give others permission to do the same. We cause a ripple effect that can be felt and touches one person to the next. 

Remember that no one can determine your level of worthiness, except for you.

Always in your corner.

With love and gratitude,


P.S. My "Remote Year" family has started a GoFundMe Campaign for 3 organizations that we have had the privilege of volunteering at this month. If you feel so called to donate to the Girl Guides of Cambodia or any of the listed charities, check out our link here. Please note, you do not have to donate money to give back - use your voice, spread this message, start a conversation, donate your time.