It’s so easy to get caught up in distractions that prevent us from taking action on the things we know will move our business forward. 

A friend calls and you chat for hours.

You end up on Facebook for a ridiculous amount of time.

You pretty much would rather hide under your duvet cover and binge watch your favorite Netflix series, until the thought of working on your business passes. 

Procrastination loves to rear it’s ugly head, stopping us from working towards our goals or even preventing us from starting in the first place. 

You are probably procrastinating right now as you read this blog post! 

Know that achieving success at anything worthwhile means change. It means becoming someone different, growing as a person, and having to do stuff that can feel difficult and challenging. 

When we procrastinate, we tend to do stuff that we enjoy and are familiar with - basically, there is no risk. And avoiding risk feels good (our brain loves it when we feel safe and comfortable!).

So what steps should you take to get past procrastination and start taking massive action?

  1. Recognize that fear sits in procrastination. Acknowledge that your fear may be what’s holding you back from taking massive action. You don’t have to ignore that this fear is there. Gently let fear know you are driving and that it’s welcome to come along for the ride, but can take a backseat. 
  2. Start with the thing you are resisting the most (scary, I know!). Maybe it’s publishing your first e-newsletter or blog post, offering to speak publicly at an event, making a few phone calls or posting your first live FB video stream. Often time, what we resist the most are the actions that will help advance our progress and propel us even further. 
  3. Schedule your tasks on the calendar. Instead of just writing down a to-do list, take it a step further and schedule in when and how you’ll accomplish it. Having a game plan will help you move past any paralysis that you are feeling when it comes to getting stuff done!
  4. Be accountable. Tell someone (tell lots of someones). Express why what you are working on is meaningful to you, how excited you are, when you expect to achieve your goals by. Accountability is a huge motivational tool and is one of the main reasons why I find working 1:1 with a business mentor so valuable.
  5. Growth (of any kind) begins with personal choice. Choose to shift from “One day I will”, I might”, “I could”, "I would like to”, to simply “I AM”.
  6. Reward yourself.  This can be big or small rewards. To help stay motivated, set-up a system where you reward yourself by doing something pleasurable once you have completed the work you planned to do (rather than using those pleasurable activities as a way of avoiding your tasks).  For example, having a coffee with a friend after you have completed a task vs. before completing the task.

Remember to strive for progress, not perfection. 

You don’t need to consume more, learn more, lose 10 more pounds, be more prepared or gain more experience. 

That space between you and your dreams is where action takes place. Choose to take action and start today, not tomorrow, not when it’s a “better time”. 

In my experience the “right time” never comes. 



Ps. Looking for support moving past procrastination and into massive action?  I’d love to support you.  I invite you to book a free custom clarity session where we'll dive into what you would like to achieve, what's standing in your way, and the quickest way of getting there!