You wake up and tell yourself, “today’s my content creation day!”. 

You sit in front of your computer with a cup of coffee and stare at a blank screen, waiting for some sort of divine inspiration to hit you in the face. 

It doesn't come.

When it comes to your biz, you know you want to share your voice, but you're tired of wasting time wondering what the heck you should be writing about. 

Here are 3 surefire ways to resonate with your peeps and create content they actually care about:

1. YOU GET PAID TO SOLVE PROBLEMS. So show them that you can! Brainstorm a list of the top 5 problems your ideal client is currently struggling with. For each problem write 3-5 bit-sized solutions/steps your ideal client can take to implement today. Make it useful information that can help your ideal clients with a specific problem today. Not sure what your ideal client's struggling with? Go to the source and ask them. :)

  • For example, a relationship/love coach for powerful successful corporate women who haven't had success in their love lives. Problem could be: she has loads of confidence at work she has none with men. So what steps can she take today to get closer to finding more confidence that would lead her closer to her ultimate goal of getting into a loving relationship?

2. SHARE A STORY. People connect and relate through storytelling. So if you want to connect with your audience, then share personal stories and lessons you've learned that relate to your ideal client. How did you overcome a challenge? What were you feeling or experiencing? Everyday stories also make us much more relatable. When sharing a story, it’s helpful to already know and determine what the big takeaway is. 

  • For example, you're a success and leadership coach. You're sitting in traffic running behind for an important meeting. You loose your patience as you're trying to get on the ramp to the highway, listening to the same top 40 songs over and over again as you hop from one radio station to the next. Then out of nowhere someone tries to pass ahead of you. At first, you're annoyed because you've been waiting your turn to get on the ramp. You kindly let the person ahead of you without hesitation. In that moment, you realize that leadership is not only found in the big moments, but the small ones too. Your big takeaway is that the quality of a good leader can be found in the ordinary moments of our lives, and that we all have the capacity to lead. 

3. When in doubt, MOTIVATE AND UPLIFT. What is it that your ideal client needs to hear from you today? Maybe it’s something you need to tell yourself. What would you say to motivate and inspire them?

You don't need to be cute or clever! Just keep your ideal clients in mind and what it is that they need your help with.  

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