While in London, I headed over to the Tate Museum of Modern Art. In one of the gallery rooms, there it was a large painting that immediately caught my eye. I knew right away it was a Picasso. 

A women who worked at the museum gave a 10 min talk about Picasso’s painting of the “Three Dancers” and why it was one of her favourites. 

The story behind the painting left me thinking about how our own unique stories can leave a mark on this world. 

It also left me wondering how much of our lives we spend comparing ourselves to others, trying to be someone we’re not, instead of embracing more of who we really are.

You are an original piece of art. 

You are unique by the fact that no one can or will ever be YOU.

You have your flaws and imprecations, but that’s what makes you who you are. Your beliefs and opinions, your quirks, your weirdness, your loudness or softness. 

Often times new entrepreneurs will hold themselves back from putting their work out into the world. They feel that it’s all been done before and they have loads of competition doing the same thing already.

Here’s the thing.

Your ideas, your voice, your truth and your art matters.

Remember, there is always room at the top. 

There are many top musicians, artists, athletes, restaurants, writers, business people and leaders. (Hint: they were not always at the top either, we all start somewhere). 

Don’t let your competition discourage you; let it drive you and show you what’s possible.

There are 7.4 billon people who live in this world … there is more than enough for everyone! 

What if Pablo Picasso said to himself “you know what, there are so many other talented painters out there. Why bother! Besides, what if people don’t like my paintings?” 

We would never be exposed to his deep and profoundly meaningful creations. Is his art for everyone? Nope! And that’s OK!

Just like Picasso, not everyone will “get you” or agree with what you have to say. 

But for the ones that do, you will have a tribe of adoring fans who just can’t get enough of you and who are always craving for more. 

In the words of Danielle Laporte “you will always be too much of something for someone: too big, too loud, too soft, too edgy. If you round out your edges, you lose your edge.”

I believe in you.



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