Earlier in the year I took a massive leap of faith.

I left my comfortable corporate job to travel the world (with 75 strangers!) and start my own business.  Now months into my travels (and plenty of passport stamps to show for it), I can easily say:

This has been the scariest AND most rewarding thing I’ve ever done.

There are nights I’m up late, wondering whether or not I made the right decision and craving the “security” of my old life…followed by epic mountain hikes at sunrise and new and amazing clients signing up to work with me.

It’s been a ride.

And if you’ve found your way here, chances are you’re ready for YOUR ride to start.

But how do you get past that initial fear and develop the endurance you need to see your journey through?

For me it’s all about trust.

  • Trust let me study abroad when I was 21 and allowed me to discover my love for traveling and exploration. 
  • Trust has brought me every single loving friend and meaningful relationships I have ever had. 
  • Trust led me to an amazing corporate employer and marketing career spanning almost a decade. 
  • Trust empowered me to take a step back from my corporate career, start my online business and travel the world. 
  • Trust allowed me to hit “publish” for this blog post.

How do you build your own sense of trust?

Start by looking back at a time in your life when you trusted and everything turned out OK. Maybe even better than expected. Perhaps it strengthened you or enabled you to learn and grow. Keep looking for evidence that it is safe to trust.

And once you hear the voice of trust, it’s time to take action.

Start with small acts of bravery in the direction of your dreams and work your way up to larger leaps of faith. 

Whatever you do, know this:

It is safe to trust that you are exactly where you’re meant to be. That everything is happening just as it should. That you will always be supported and have more than enough for all of your needs and desires. 

I invite you to detach yourself from the idea of always needing to know “how” to make something happen. Trust that you will always attract the right people, situations and circumstances to help you succeed and overcome whatever challenges you are facing. 

Let go and be open to receiving. Be ok with not knowing and needing to have absolute certainty with what might come next.

The journey, although at times can be scary, is incredibly beautiful and totally worth it. 

Keep trusting and simply know that it’s all going to be more than ok.



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