My name is Sabrina, and I’m a recovering perfectionist!

I remember holding myself back in my business because I was waiting for my website to be perfect, my messaging to sound perfect, my opt-in to be perfect, my process to be perfect, waiting to make a video for my hair + make-up to be perfect (seriously now!).

This perfection was crippling me and it left me feeling tired and exhausted, like nothing I was doing would ever be good enough.

I realized that my tendencies for wanting things to be perfect was really holding me back from building momentum with my business. But once I let go of wanting things to be perfect, my mood massively changed and everything just started to naturally flow.

When I feel my perfectionist tendencies creeping up on me, I remind myself of the following:


Of course you don’t want to put something sh*ty out there, you always want to give something your best shot. But that’s it .. give it your best shot! Nothing is ever permanent, you can always make changes and course correct along the way.

What’s important is that you are taking action in the direction of your dreams. Don’t sweat the little details. Do your best and release it out into the world.

Our biggest critics are ourselves .. most people are not really watching you that closely anyways!


I remember when I gave my first international talk to a group of female entrepreneurs. I didn’t think it was good or “perfect” enough. I spent hours trying to perfect my presentation and it was driving my crazy. I finally decided to just let it go and that what I had was perfectly fine.  After I gave the presentation, I had many people coming up to me, giving me compliments and telling me how they enjoyed my talk.

Deep down, what was I truly worried about?

It was how I would be PERCEIVED.

Humans are hard wired to wanting to protect themselves. We want to protect ourselves from not only physical harm, but also from the emotional harm that comes with being judged and criticized by others. Here’s the thing, striving for perfection is a futile effort that’s not realistic or attainable.

There's nothing we can do about how other people choose to view us, our work and how we show up in the world. Remember, what seems “not so good” to you, can be perceived as incredible for someone else .. or, it might not - and that’s OK.


Maybe it’s finally starting the business of your dreams, making more of an impact, having more freedom and flexibility in your life, feeling liberated and authentically you. On the flip side, what would you potentially loose if you allowed perfectionism to take control?

Remember, you were born to be REAL, not to be PERFECT!



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