Do you ever feel like all your hard work is getting you ... nowhere? 

You are taking all the right steps with your biz, showing up every day like experts say. You are focused, dedicated and determined. You are persistent like a bad online first date who just doesn’t seem to get the memo that you aren’t interested. 

It can feel incredibly frustrating. You don't have much to show for it. No big wins - nada. You feel deflated ... and defeated. 

We’ve all been there (I know I definitely have)! Where it seems like all your hard work is going unnoticed and you’re wondering when the heck it’s going to pay off. You just want to cry. You want to give up, call it quits and just give up already!

You feel tested …  your patience, your faith, your ability to believe in yourself and what you are capable of. 

Deep breathe in, and out. 

It's going to be OK. 

So what can you do to stay motivated and on track when your results are lacklustre?


If what you are doing is for external validation or driven by your ego, it’s likely going to be a painful process. Get in touch with WHY you are doing what you do .. WHY did you start in the first place? What’s your vision?

Tap into your future self and get in touch with how it’s going to feel when you get there. When you focus on the FEELING of what you really DESIRE instead of what you see as your current reality, you are likely to stay motivated to keep on going!


Sounds counter intuitive, I know. Instead of focusing on how your activities should lead you to your end result, focus on the process and give your attention to the present moment. Place your attention on the action you are taking vs. the direct outcome you are looking to achieve.

Release your expectations, and act “as if”. What if you knew 100% without a doubt that these activities were leading you closer to your end goal? How would you be more present? How would you show up? 


Stop confusing your path with your destination. Your journey is just as important, because there is so much truth to be found in that in-between phase of the person you once were and not yet “arriving” at that place you want to be.  Yes, things may be difficult and not go as expected, but that doesn’t mean it’s never going to turn around!

Acknowledge yourself for how far you have come. Who did you have to be to even go down this road? What did you have to do and will continue to do? I bet that person is not the same person she was before she ventured down her new path.

Remember, just because your results may not be completely obvious, it doesn’t mean that you haven’t made any progress. Look to celebrate and acknowledge your small wins. 

Always in your corner. 



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